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My name is Ryan Britt. I’m a writer of fiction and non-fiction. My first book was the memoir/essay collection Luke Skywalker Can’t Read, published by Plume (Penguin Random House) in 2015. I’m currently working on my second book, a novel called Starship Dalloway.

For all things related to me as an author of books — past, present or future — please contact my literary agent, Christoper Hermelin at the Fischer-Harbage Agency.  His email address is: christopher@fischerharbage.com

If you’re looking for my writing online, I’m an editor at Fatherly and a frequent contributor to Inverse, SyFy Wire, Tor.comand Den of Geek! You can also occasionally read new essays and articles written by me on Star Trek.com  and Vulture.


My 2015 book: ‘Luke Skywalker Can’t Read’

Luke Skywalker Can’t Read and Other Geeky Truths is an essay collection which is part memoir, part nerdy analysis all rolled into a conversation in which I get to talk and you get to talk, but we’re talking in time periods. If you like thinking way too hard about Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Dinosaurs and more, then this book is totally the chimera of pop-literature/commentary/whatchacallit you’ve been looking for. Here’s what people said about it, plus several of the reviews from 2015 and 2016.

Stefan Merrill Block (author of Oliver Loving)

“Ryan Britt’s debut collection is a wisecracking, intimate and intelligent voyage through universes both real and imagined. But to a certain kind of reader –- the kind whose teenage weekends were spent at sci-fi conventions and comic book stores— it is also something much more. Luke Skywalker Can’t Read is a glorious geek manifesto, illuminating the essential and often misunderstood essence of geekdom: not the pursuit of esoterica-obsessed loners but a vital and complex community, a far-away galaxy where fellow misfits meet to swap the ray guns, talismanic rings, and radioactive potions for their daily battles back on Planet Earth.”

 Lev Grossman (#1 New York Times Bestselling author of The Magicians Trilogy)

“Ryan Britt is one of nerd culture’s most brilliant and most essential commentators: frank, funny, deeply knowledgeable and always opinionated. He’s the Virgil you want to guide you through the inferno of geekery.”

Karen Russell (Pulitzer Prize finalist for Swamplandia!)

“Ryan Britt is an uncontrolled experiment—a genre omnivore who has spent his time on this earth flying to other galaxies. His essays are reliably smart, surprising, provocative, and funny.”

 Ophira Eisenberg (host of NPR’s Ask Me Another and author of Screw Everyone)

“Witty, fun and warm. If Luke Skywalker had a favorite book, it would be this one.”

 Cecil Baldwin (narrator of Welcome to Night Vale)

“Luke Skywalker Can’t Read is personally revealing, effortlessly funny, carefully researched, and optimistic about the place of sci-fi/fantasy in the greater world of popular entertainment.”

David M. Ewalt (author of Of Dice and Men: The Story of Dungeons & Dragons)

“Sci-fi and fantasy fans, meet your new best friend. Ryan Britt has an encyclopedic knowledge of geek culture, from Aurebesh to Zardoz, and this collection of essays feels like you’re hanging out with him at the world’s nerdiest bar. Luke Skywalker Can’t Read is smart, insightful, and totally fun.”

 Teddy Wayne (author of The Love Song of Jonny Valentine)

“Whether he’s exploring paradoxes in Back to the Future, the fundamental illiteracy of the average Stormtrooper, or being tied up and held over a rooftop by a couple of dominatrices, Ryan Britt is an amiable, perceptive, and highly entertaining observer of the sci-fi scene. I gulped down these essays like Dracula downing a pint of blood.” 


Tech Times “…funny, insightful”

Paste Magazine  “…like Picard serving as Arbiter during the Klingon Civil War…”

Vol. 1 Brooklyn “A blend of literary analysis and personal observation”

Fantasy Faction “…substantial and sincere, and it will make your nerd pride grow three sizes.”

Coffee With Kenobi “…mission accomplished…”

Tor.com “He makes your hair fall out. He makes you want to go to war…”

The 3 R’s Blog “A geeky book club could debate some of Britt’s topics for days…I wish I were in that book club.”

Geek Dad “…slightly twisted, slightly tongue-in-cheek…”

Expendable Mudge “With any kind of justice, Professor Britt’s class on the Skywalker clan and its deeper meanings will outpace the registration numbers of Philosophy 201…”

Four Lettered Nerd “This book was great”

My Nerdy Little Word “…a great conversation starter”

Fiction State of Mind “…reminded me of conversations with best friends.”

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