About Me

My name is Ryan Britt. I’m a writer of fiction and non-fiction. A huge portion of my non-fiction includes criticism and entertainment journalism. My first book was the memoir/essay collection Luke Skywalker Can’t Read, published by Plume (Penguin Random House) in 2015.


For all things related to me as an author of books — past, present or future — please contact my literary agent, Christoper Hermelin at the Fischer-Harbage Agency.  His email address is: christopher@fischerharbage.com

Internet writing

Currently, my fulltime day job is at Fatherly where I’m the Entertainment Editor.  This means I write about TV, movies, books, and other media through the lens of being a parent. Often that just results in me ranting about how great Michael Keaton was as Batman in 1989.  At Fatherly, I also get to commission and edit articles from other great writers, including Nathan Rabin, Caseen Gaines, Robert Silva and more. If you’re a parent, and a writer who has thoughts about pop culture, pitch me at ryan@fatherly.com. I might not write back right away, but I will write back.

Before Fatherly, I was at Inverse from 2016 to 2018, where I was both a Staff Writer and the Entertainment Editor. This means I wrote about sci-fi TV and movies a lot. I also did a lot of fun interviews, for example, I talked to Rian Johnson about The Last Jedi the day the movie came out. I still write a weekly column about Star Wars for Inverse, which you can read right here.

Currently, I’m also a weekly contributor to the following publications. (Mostly, these are news stories and interviews are about Star Trek; specifically, journalistic coverage of Star Trek: Discovery.)
Tor.com (From 2011-2013, I was also a staff writer here.)
I’ve also written freelance articles for the following:
…and others!
As a journalist and critic, I specialize in science fiction. Specifically, I write quite a lot about Star Trek and Star Wars. If you’re interested in links to my notable articles, essays or interviews about those two properties, check out the specific Star Trek and Star Wars pages below.
Star Trek
Star Wars


I have taught creative writing since 2011. I started at The Gotham Writers’ Workshop in New York City, where I taught Memoir, Humor Writing, Essay Writing, and Creative Writing 101. I also taught Fiction at Sackett Street Writers in Brooklyn.

Since 2014, I’ve taught for Catapult, both in New York City and remotely. Currently, I teach online essay writing classes.

I also teach in person non-fiction workshops for the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance.


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