I’ve been writing essays and other non-fiction for online markets since 2007. When you do a lot of online writing, not every piece you publish is art. This is a short list of articles and essays that I think came close.

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Image credit: Anne Meadows for Fatherly. Photo credit: Mary Britt


How the Star Trek community came together for Black Lives Matter

The Last Jedi books changed Star Wars Forever


We Stopped Letting Our Kid Listen to Digital Music. You Should Too

Even Starfleet Parents Put Shields Around Their Children

Baby Yoda, Daddy Mando


How The Search For Spock Changed the Way Star Trek Got Made

How ‘The Final Frontier’ Made Me a Nicer Kid (and Better Person)”

Why TNG’s Sarek Still Makes Us Cry, 30 Years Later

Den of Geek!

Lost in Space: Why the Third Time’s the Charm

Never Surrender: Celebrating 20 Years of Galaxy Quest

SyFy Wire

15 years ago, Revenge of the Sith ended Star Wars. Here’s what that felt like.

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